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Company History

GOLDVEST ENTERPISE was founded in 1996 mainly to supply all kinds of premium goods & Handover sets. With over 20 years of experience, we deliver high quality of commercial products targeting a very wide field included over 100 multinational companies, developers, hospital, hotel, F&B line and so on.

Besides that, we also provide domestic and imported products especially T-Shirts, Jackets, Handover kits, and customize item.

In order to increase our market value, we had expanded our company development across countries. Currently, we involved in exporting products to Singapore, US, Germany and China. We aim to enlarge our business to other Asia countries such as Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia in the following years.

We are committed to serve the best for our value customers. We will spend some time to understand though customer’s requirement and provide them some basic products care. We believe that our company image is being recognized in this field. We strive to provide the best service possible and being responsible towards our job. Do approach us, we are ready to serve you with excellent services.

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Meet The Team

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Sales Manager

TEL: 012-429 9142

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Sales Coordinator

TEL: 012-398 9142

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Zee Xian

Sales Coordinator

TEL: 017-591 4240

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Albert Cheah

Sales Coordinator

TEL: 012-299 8618


Trusted by some of the world’s smartest companies


Goldvest offers our clients’ state-of-the-art technological corporate gifts and great quality corporate products to use as part of a strategic marketing plan.

Our dedicated and experienced corporate marketing team spends a lot of time with our clients, working out a solid corporate gifting or marketing strategy. This allows our clients to understand the full scope of our marketing offering. Our brand activation is carried across all that we do. It gives our valued clients a chance to increase awareness around their brand without spending large amounts on traditional advertising platforms or exceeding marketing budgets.

We strive to offer each client the very best corporate marketing solution for them. In order to deliver to this high standard, we make an effort to get involved right from the very beginning. Once a company has chosen us as their promotional gifting and clothing supplier, we ensure that there is a dedicated Goldvest employee working closely with each client. They could assist in advising a client on which promo gifting or corporate clothing products to purchase or assist with branding ideas.

No request is too big or too small and our team of experienced staff is always available to help so that our clients get maximum exposure out of their promotional gifting and clothing needs.

Let’s make a success of your marketing strategy, by using promo gifting and clothing to ensure your brand gets the exposure it demands!

Our customer support team is here to answer your questions. Ask us anything!

Hi,How I can help?

Hi,How I can help?